Mural captures rich natural and archaeological history!

In 2014 Friends unveiled A Glimpse Through the Mangroves, a large, life-size mural located at the entrance to the Preserve’s main Exhibit Hall. The mural, depicting a native American family looking out over what is today’s Weedon Island, evokes the early history of the Preserve and its habitat. Commissioned by the Friends and painted by St. Petersburg artist Carrie Jadus the work captures the essence of what the Preserve continues to offer to today’s visitors.

Ms. Jadus’ work is exhibited in galleries and in private collections throughout the world. Her studio is located at the Soft Water Studios in St. Petersburg’s Warehouse Arts District.

Meet the Mural Artist

About the Artist

Meet the Weedon Island Preserve Mural ArtistCarrie Jadus is local artist, raised in St. Petersburg. Her work is exhibited in galleries and as part of private collections all over the world. She is skilled in a range of styles and captures the beauty in all of her subjects, ranging from iconic Tampa Bay images and landscapes to portraits and murals. She has designed commemorative posters for organizations such as St. Pete Preservation, including the Downtown Saint Petersburg’s Waterfront Parks Centennial poster. She has a studio in the Soft Water Studios in the Warehouse Arts District in St. Petersburg.
Meet the Mural Artist

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