Weedon hikers REJOICE. Some months ago Allison, a new member of the Friends of Weedon Island, approached us about volunteer opportunities. We learned that her avocation was wood working and we immediately targeted the need for directional signs at key intersections on the Preserve’s hiking trails. In many cases, there were none and hikers found themselves confused or even lost. In other cases, existing sign directions were not as clear as we felt they should be. Following discussion, and several hikes with Allison on each of the trails, a project to create and install 17 new directional signs for the trails and boardwalks was off and running.

Friends took the lead in coordinating the project with County staff to assure their approval. Allison worked with Jim, the Preserve’s volunteer extraordinaire, to determine where signs were needed and what they would say. A woodworking friend gave Allison access to a routing machine that is essential to the build. She then recruited close friends to help her create and paint the signs–all of which involved hours of  time and lots of work. Upon completion, she is delivering them to the Preserve for installation, where Jim takes over. He arranged with the County to provide lumber for the poles on which the signs are installed, and started installing. Friends covers all out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the project.

Many signs are completed and installed, with more on the way. This long needed addition to the Preserve trails is huge and will certainly improve everyone’s Weedon Island hiking experience.

Thank you to Allison, her crew, and Jim for making this happen. And to the County staff for their support and encouragement. It is an exceptional addition to the Preserve and its visitors. Be sure to get out and hike Weedon ASAP–it’s a true jewel!