Each year, hundreds of students from Title 1 schools in Pinellas County attend the Friends funded field trips to Weedon Island. Led by naturalists from Sensing Nature, a Pinellas County environmental education firm, fourth and fifth grade students participate in three separate activities: an interpretive hike on the Preserve’s trails, a tour of the Center’s Exhibit Hall, and an archeological activity in the Center’s classroom. For many of the students, it’s their first experience opportunity to have hands-on experiences related to Florida’s natural environment and cultural history.

Friends’ funds the bus transportation to and from Weedon Island and Sensing Nature’s fees, making the field trips accessible to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate.

Each year Friends also funds camp scholarships for students attending Title 1 schools. The camps, taught by George Heinrich, a Pinellas County environmental expert with a focus on herpetology, offer the students hands-on naturalist experiences and education.